It’s Time To Act.

by Sankinator on December 17, 2012

An unimaginable thing has happened. Someone went into an elementary school and killed innocent children. It happened and that part we cannot change, but what we do now is going to make all the difference. How we respond will dictate whether or not this happens again. It cannot happen again, ever!

Tragedies of unspeakable, unthinkable and immeasurable horror brings a community to a screeching halt almost instantaneously. We stand shocked in the face of the surreal. We question everything we do now. We are petrified to let our children out of our sights. We want to keep them home and away from the terrifying outside world. We’re a nervous wreck.

It’s terrorism in its finest form.

It’s how we respond that will truly be measured in years to come. Will we cower in the face of this horror, or will we pick up the pieces and reevaluate the system currently in place? Will we fight longer and harder for the protection our children deserve? Will we let yet another terrible event go unanswered?

In my opinion, all we have done since the Colorado tragedy is talk. I’m sorry, but I think it’s time that government sponsored action must happen. I do not trust the school districts to take the necessary steps on their own. Professionals in the security and protection field are needed to step in and make this happen.

We must make the government and the school districts hear us, make them take the steps necessary to ensure the safety of our children. Officials and some parents alike will tell us that we are infringing on the civil rights of our children by placing metal detectors in schools, conducting mandatory, random back-pack and locker searches, posting guards at all entry points or guarding our children on the school grounds outside of the building.

When is it enough when it comes to the protection of our children? I’ll tell you when, NEVER!

The office I work in, in downtown Buffalo, NY has more security than the schools my children attend. This rattles me to my very core. We protect our jobs more than our children’s future?

It is time for armed guards at the schools. Metal detectors, entry and exit points manned at all times there are children in the building. We send our kids to mandatory education without any assurances of their safety.

I for one am not satisfied with the current system and say loudly that “it must be changed!”

We live in a time where we lock our doors at night, look over our shoulder just about everywhere we go and look twice at someone we don’t know questing their motives. We live in fear! We can change that fear into a heightened awareness.

We can, as a community, protect our children and our future. It’s an unfortunate thing to have to take these kinds of measures, but lets face it, it’s the world we live in.

This is the world we inherited from our parents and its ours to change. It can be done. We must stand together and say in a unified voice that this will not be accepted! We will no longer tolerate these acts, conversation about committing these kinds of atrocities or even passing jokes closely relating to activities that jeopardize our children.

It is time to take a stand and make the necessary changes.

There is no one act of legislation, one law or one change that will prevent these maddening tragedies from occurring. We must evaluate the entire system. It is our to change!

We must come together as a community and put our minds together and figure this out. We created fire, invented the wheel, the combustible engine, computers and have gone to space, surely we can figure this out.

Contact your representatives and tell them you want something done. Tell them you want to see some action now, not next election time. These are our children we’re talking about, is there anything more important?

NOW IS THE TIME! There are steps that can be taken immediately. Please, let us not be sorry again due to inaction.

There is no measure too big nor is it too soon to act when it comes to the safety of our children.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all parents both in CT and around the world.

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