Imagine the possibilities if we all take responsibilty for ourselves and our offspring.

by Sankinator on February 2, 2011

I am a man of thought and ideas. I’m an international man of  mystery. I once had an awkward moment just to see what it felt like… I don’t normally drink beer but, when I do, it’s Dos Equis!

Having said that, I must pad the notion of my creativeness with its actual worth and level of practical implementation in every day life and that would be nil and none. I commonly digress in thought throughout the course of a normal day much to my own chagrin. Though this is nothing new to me as I struggle to stay the course, I find it incredibly distracting and it invariably gets in the way of my life.

Thousands of topics and ideas may fly in and out of my gray matter in the blink of an eye and are at best, deranged most of the time.

On occasion, I will stumble upon a topic that I feel warrants a spot on the Internet. I’ll chew on it a bit, take it out, throw it at the wall and if it sticks there for a moment without grotesquely sliding down the wall due to an excessive amount of saliva, I’ll write about it. There, now you have an idea of the formula I use to write my blogs. Aren’t you lucky for the insight? Whatever asshole!

Hence the reason for The Sankinator Blog!

What, pray tell does Mr. Sankey have for us today, you ask? Well, I have a rant about the excessive obsessive and insatiable appetite our society has for voyeurism.

Reality TV producers and the paparazzi have allowed the human condition of curiosity to spin wildly out of control. Actually, they have promoted the spin. I say “allowed” as if they actually had a pulse, an ounce of dignity or even a sense of compassion for their fellow man but, they do not.

People with an inept imagination or an infinite affinity for their own laziness have pathetically injected themselves into the lives of people that the “brain trust” that is television producers have deemed to be interesting. This vicarious voyeurism is unhealthy and in my opinion a large part of the fleecing of the American economy and the leeching of the American adolescent innocence.

Jealousy, you scream! Indeed, however, only in part.

I find it appalling that people will whore out their appearances to make money. No, not jealousy there. Either you have it or you don’t but, to use it to make money in my opinion is an injustice to society and a disservice to our children. Teaching our children that their looks get them everything is an illusion to be chased by the young and opens the door for an incredible amount of unscrupulous characters to take advantage of the unwitting youngsters. Hence the leeching of adolescent innocence.

Think about the amount of money we throw at actors, singers, athletes and these so called Reality TV stars.

It sickens me!

Yes, you’re damn right I’m jealous!

What disturbs me most, I think, is the fact that society generally listens to those (who ever they are) that say, “Hey, he’s an incredible actor”, or “She’s from Jersey” and take that as a cue to start throwing our hard earned money at them.

“She has a fabulous body” they exploit and we throw money.

“He can throw a football” they salivate and we throw money.


I say, “She is an incredible teacher!” Throw money!

I shout, “What an insightful writer!” Throw money!

I applaud, “What a committed leader of young adults!” Throw money!

What? You mean I’m not one of those you’ll listen to? You think these people don’t deserve it? Oh, I see.

I think I’m a good father and a decent husband and that’s the reality of my life, when shall I expect my money? Ha! Not likely and I don’t think I should be rewarded on a monetary level for being a good parent. That is my choice induced by the staggering amount of love I have for my children.

Some parents choose not to love their children enough to raise them to be positive impacts on society and they’re merely satisfied to leave a mark, an extension of who they are, albeit a mark of selfishness and ignorance. The best part is, our society rewards ignorance, disrespect and illegal activity (a rant for another time).

Remember, money is not everything but you have to have some to survive.

This society is so ass backwards and upside down, I don’t think we’ll ever get out of it alive.

I will continue to praise educators, read what people have written and continue to use my imagination to hopefully entertain people. I will remain steadfast in my commitment to raise well rounded, insightful, logical, intelligent, respectful and compassionate children. They will contribute to society, not commit to being a blight on the already over-taxed, irrevocably broken social services system in our country.

Sankinator’s Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to my principles

to raise my children morally

and commitment to my family

united under God

for which I stand

with compassion and respect for all

I know, I know… you don’t have to say it. Alright go ahead if you must… Thank you. Thank you for recognizing my ability to be insightful. Ha!

Now throw MONEY!

I hope you enjoyed the scramble of topics and this haphazardly written blog.

And now a word from our sponsors:

Brought to you by, stress, personal economic stagnation, lack of sleep and the common conditional imbalance called parenthood. Tune in next time when we bring you “Cheerios, soggy nutrient delivery mechanism or nostril restrictor?”


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