Sankinator Brings You: The FatManDiary Series [i]

by Sankinator on January 17, 2012

After reading the blog entry yesterday, I went back and read some more. It’s not bad. Some of it funny, some of it not so funny… for your entertainment, without further adieu I bring to you, The FatManDiary Series… a time capsule so to speak…

The saga begins once again! Time to get healthy!

by fatmandiary on October 28, 2010

I have started and stopped my attempts to bring my fat, lazy ass to a level of socially acceptable girth without any real success to mention. I’ve done the effing diets, the walking and the cutting down of the beer intake. Actually, the aforementioned was the only real success I DID have. I have already started cutting back on the beer. I may fall off the wagon here and there but, any conscious effort on my part is better than no effort at all.

This is a killer of an undertaking but, I must lose the extra person I carry with me every single back breaking day or I might just be the next chunky F-er taking up too much space in a funeral home!

So, my wife and I have decided to get a treadmill and get ourselves started on the journey to thin and beautiful. I’m really not concerned about the beautiful part since it’ll take more than losing a bit of fat for me to be considered beautiful.

I am concerned about my health however, and with a little will power (and I know I have because I’ve quite smoking after 25+ years), I can achieve the goal of losing the extra poundage and hopefully the waist line and the M-Fing pills I take daily.

30 minutes a day is the minimum on the treadmill for it to be remotely effective. I plan on hooking up the headphones to the television and the stereo that will reside in the same room as the treadmill. I think the distraction from the task once I’ve jumped on the hamster belt will be quite welcomed.

I’ve placed the order at and will be picking up the main tool for “Fat Evacuation” this afternoon. It’s not top of the line nor is it the bottom. I like to think of it as middle of the road unit and affordable torture for a family that is barely getting by, just like the rest of our economically challenged world.

I can assure you that I have every intention of walking this sucker every other day for at least a minimum of 30 minutes or more if my body can handle it. I will also make a consorted effort to update this blog as much as possible. Please take note that my language may not always reflect the values I hold near and dear as I try to make this as real as possible by sharing all of my emotions, thoughts and rants. An example might be:

My fucking legs are killing me!


fuck me! I’m sore and hungry!

For more examples of my emotions, thoughts and rants, follow this link: [**maybe another series, for another time].

You have been warned.

Follow along if you dare to care.


~Fat Sankey

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